Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do you like Korean clothing or Korean made stuff Here is a korean wordwide website

I have bought so many stuff from a Korean website They ship stuff to United States and other countries too they take credit card which is issued in United States but your credit card company may charge you up to 3% transaction fees that is made overseas when you make a purchase at Gmarket.Call your credit card company for exactly percentage-charged.
you could receive your product within a week usually because they ship by Air.
IF you bought more stuff from a different seller you may receive your product late because the Gmarket is like an ebay the difference is when you make multiple purchase from various sellers these sellers ship your order to Gmarket by individual box and then Gmarket will put all the box together and put them in a bigger Air box to ship all your order at once. SO if you buy more the shipping cost is less check out their shipping rate for detals you may have to pay more shipping at the end of your purchase after your package is shipped by Gmarket you will get some Money back to your Gmarket account as G-cash which you can use for your next purchase or pay shipping cost.
Check it out yourself at on the top right there is a English icon that you can choose in order to see the language you understand other than korean

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